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The family consist of 33000 persons in 10349 family groups and 1017 Ancestors to Asle Einar Hansen

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Jenny Agate Wiik (1893-1985)
Jenny Agnete Therese Buschmann (1888-1953)
Jenny Agnethe Hanssen (xxxx-....)
Jenny Alma Olsen (1888-1978)
Jenny Alvilde Konstanse Jensen (1887-1963)
Jenny Alvine Sivertsen (xxxx-....)
Jenny Amalie Andreasdatter (1897-....)
Jenny Amanda Johansen (1892-1943)
Jenny Ann Martinussen (xxxx-....)
Jenny Ann Pedersen (xxxx-....)
Jenny Annie Evida Gundersen (xxxx-....)
Jenny Berntine Rikarda Hansen (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenny Bertine Elise Pettersen (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenny Birgitte Andersen (xxxx-....)
Jenny Constance Nilsen (1887-....)
Jenny Constance Nilsen (1891-1891)
Jenny Constanse Brynnildsdatter (1880-....)
Jenny Davida Vikan (1908-1987)
Jenny Edvarda Helland (1895-....)
Jenny Eline Karlsen (1897-1953)
Jenny Elisabeth Johnsen Tande (xxxx-....)
Jenny Elise Jensen (1896-1940)
Jenny Elise Nilsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenny Elise Seppola (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenny Elise Wilhelmsen (1895-1971)
Jenny Fransiska Sannes (1888-....)
Jenny Fredrikke Robertsen (1897-1979)
Jenny Hansine Myhre (xxxx-....)
Jenny Helena Sørensen (1902-....)
Jenny Helene Edvartsen (1898-....)
Jenny Helene Jakobsen (1888-1893)
Jenny Helene Ludviksdatter (1894-1979)
Jenny Helene Nilsen (xxxx-....)
Jenny Helmine Pettersen (1904-....)
Jenny Hildegunn Pedersen (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenny Ingbara Berntsen (1902-1971)
Jenny Ingdora Abelsen (1902-1983)
Jenny Ingedora Jonsdatter (1899-....)
Jenny Jakobine Jorunn Gundersen (xxxx-....)
Jenny Johanna Johannessen (1896-....)
Jenny Juliane Jakobsen (1893-1977)
Jenny Kaspara Brun (1889-....)
Jenny Kathinka Klæbo (1887-1969)
Jenny Konstanse Bolstad (1901-1990)
Jenny Konstanse Hansdatter (1900-1942)
Jenny Kristine Jakobsen (1892-1972)
Jenny Kristine Jonsdatter (1901-1982)
Jenny Kristine Pedersen (1908-1933)
Jenny Lind Sørensen (xxxx-....)
Jenny Lovise Nymo (xxxx-....)
Jenny Ludvikka Amanda With (1883-1977)
Jenny Ludvikke Hermansen (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenny Magdalena Brissmyr (xxxx-....)
Jenny Magitta Martinsen (1895-1956)
Jenny Maria Nilsen (1895-1952)
Jenny Martine Tingvoll Bolle (xxxx-....)
Jenny Oline Eliasdatter (1890-....)
Jenny Oline Gynnild (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenny Oline Skipnes (1902-1902)
Jenny Pauline Nikolaisen (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenny Pauline Pedersen (1893-1959)
Jenny Pauline Sakariassen (1893-1893)
Jenny Ragna Pedersen (xxxx-....)
Jenny Robertine Hansen (xxxx-....)
Jenny Sebine Eliassen (1887-....)
Jenny Seline Eliassen (1883-1885)
Jenny Sofie Antonsdatter (1890-1894)
Jenny Sofie Fredriksen (1904-1990)
Jenny Sofie Nikolaisen (1889-1966)
Jenny Sofie Olsen (1893-1894)
Jenny Therese Fagerheim (xxxx-....)
Jenny Wilhermine Remme (1906-....)
Jens - Ancestor No: 394
Jens - Ancestor No: 894
Jens - Ancestor No: 197826
Jens (1614-....) - Ancestor No: 1168
Jens ?
Jens - Ancestor No: 2638
Jens - Ancestor No: 5272
Jens Abelsen (1840-....)
Jens Abelsen (1893-....)
Jens Andersen (1750-1792) - Ancestor No: 166
Jens Anderssen (1639-....)
Jens Antonsen (1886-1906)
Jens Brønlund (1741-1741)
Jens Ediessen (1742-1832)
Jens Ediessen (1751-....)
Jens Ellingsen (1722-1789)
Jens Ellingsen (1786-1826)
Jens Eriksen (1771-1845)
Jens Eriksen
Jens Fermann (xxxx-....)
Jens Grøn
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