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The family consist of 33000 persons in 10349 family groups and 1017 Ancestors to Asle Einar Hansen

Previous names
Olaug Sofie (xxxx-....)
Olaus Aas Olsen (1841-1865)
Olaus Andreas Brun (xxxx-xxxx)
Olaus Berg Jenssen (1903-1984)
Olaus Brun Pedersen (1838-1880)
Olaus Hveding Nilssen (1845-1881)
Olaus Kristian Martinussen (1833-1843)
Olaus Kristian Mikalsen (1850-1871)
Olaus Martinus Anderssen (1830-1899)
Olaus Theodor Hermansen (1870-1935)
Olav - Ancestor No: 130 , 154 and 178
Olav Aandstad (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Aandstad (xxxx-....)
Olav Andreassen (1890-1948)
Olav Antonsen (xxxx-....)
Olav Bolle (1908-1969)
Olav Einarsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Eliassen (xxxx-....)
Olav Gjertsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Hansen (xxxx-....)
Olav Hansen (xxxx-....)
Olav Henriksen (xxxx-....)
Olav Henriksen (xxxx-....)
Olav Jensen (1891-1975)
Olav Jensen
Olav Johansen (1896-....)
Olav Johansen
Olav Landsværk (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Larsen (1909-1998)
Olav Nergaard (xxxx-....)
Olav Nilsen (xxxx-....)
Olav Ogmundsson
Olav Olsen (1899-....)
Olav Pedersen (1909-1983)
Olav Pedersen (xxxx-....)
Olav Schjølberg
Olav Schjølberg
Olav Solheim (xxxx-....)
Olav Sørensen (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Stavrum (xxxx-....)
Olav Steffensen
Olav Sundquist (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Torbjørnsen
Olav Torgeirsen - Ancestor No: 256 , 304 and 352
Olav Ulriksen
Olav ? Teiste - Ancestor No: 88500
Olav Aksel Johansen (xxxx-....)
Olav Alvin Gustav Olaisen (xxxx-....)
Olav Andreas Andreassen (xxxx-....)
Olav Andreas Olsen (xxxx-....)
Olav Andreas Ringstad (1881-1977)
Olav Angel Nygård (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Angel Marius Andreassen (1884-....)
Olav Arne Bakken (xxxx-....)
Olav Arne Nubdalseng (xxxx-....)
Olav Arne Pedersen (xxxx-....)
Olav Arnold Kristoffersen (xxxx-....)
Olav Arnt Jensen (1891-1979)
Olav Arnt Larssen (xxxx-....)
Olav Arnulf Hvidsten (xxxx-....)
Olav August Vilhelm Sørensen (1882-1888)
Olav Daniel Danielsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Edvinn Johnsen (xxxx-....)
Olav Eidis Johnsen (xxxx-....)
Olav Eikre Knutsen (1909-1982)
Olav Elmar Johan Pedersen (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Erling Kvamen (xxxx-....)
Olav Erling Vea (1900-1966)
Olav Guttorm Wiik (xxxx-....)
Olav Hagbart Hansen (1896-1952)
Olav Henry Steinland (xxxx-....)
Olav Ingvald Nilsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Ingvart Ingebrigtsen (xxxx-....)
Olav Jentoft Dungan (1904-1981)
Olav Johan Hagen Pedersen (1901-1985)
Olav Johan Hasselberg Nilsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Kristian Klaussen (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Kristian Monsen (1902-....)
Olav Kristian Pettersen (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Kristoffer Sandvik (xxxx-....)
Olav Ludvig Jensen (xxxx-....)
Olav Magne Kvamme (xxxx-....)
Olav Marelius Anderssen (1894-1928)
Olav Marius Berg (xxxx-....)
Olav Marius Hansen (1897-1981)
Olav Martin Brennesvik (1908-1987)
Olav Martin Nilsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Olav Morten Volden (xxxx-....)
Olav Nikolai Hansen (1908-1941)
Olav Ottar Arild Andreassen (xxxx-....)
Olava Andersdatter (1740-....)
Olava Jensdatter (1756-1819)
Olava Juliusdatter (1776-....)
Olava Juliusdatter (1810-1876)
Olava Mikkelsdotter (1756-1773)
Olava Mortensdatter (1794-1830)
Olava Nilsdatter (1794-1876)
Olava Pedersdatter (1799-....)
Olava Pettersdatter (1785-1864)
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