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The family consist of 33000 persons in 10349 family groups and 1017 Ancestors to Asle Einar Hansen

Previous names
Jenssen, Aasmund (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Abel Andreas Olaus (1866-1952)
Jenssen, Agda Nilsine Jakobine (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Albert (1899-1916)
Jenssen, Alf Johan (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Alvin Julius (1909-1996)
Jenssen, Anders (1755-1756)
Jenssen, Arne Helge (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenssen, Aslaug Sofie (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, August Jentoft (1890-1938)
Jenssen, Baltser (1759-1805)
Jenssen, Bjarne Artur Rinnan (1905-1988)
Jenssen, Carl Johan (1868-1869)
Jenssen, Christen (1707-1774)
Jenssen, Edda (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Edvard Hammon (1861-1945)
Jenssen, Egil Johan (1892-....)
Jenssen, Einride (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Eirik (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Enok
Jenssen, Erich (1817-1817)
Jenssen, Erik Henning (1836-1910)
Jenssen, Erik Ole Johan (1834-....)
Jenssen, Espen (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Frank (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenssen, Gunnar Hvidsten (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenssen, Hans Andreas (1845-1908)
Jenssen, Harold Julius Denis (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Hartvig Berg (1867-1952)
Jenssen, Henrik Gustav (1887-1974)
Jenssen, Hilma (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Hilmar Hedmann Jentoft (1897-1977)
Jenssen, Ingolf Widsten (1899-....)
Jenssen, Ingvald Jakob (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Ingvard Theodor (1882-1954)
Jenssen, Jakob (1842-1864)
Jenssen, Jakob Edvard (1869-1919)
Jenssen, Jens
Jenssen, Jens Elias (1818-....)
Jenssen, Johan Martinus (1863-1900)
Jenssen, Jon Andreas (1850-1909)
Jenssen, Jorunn Oddny (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Julius Henning (1893-1932)
Jenssen, Karina Elisabeth (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Karl Edvard Severin (1871-1957)
Jenssen, Klaus Tobias (1823-....)
Jenssen, Klausine Jørgine (1885-1936)
Jenssen, Konstanse (1896-1933)
Jenssen, Kristian Marelius (1882-....)
Jenssen, Kristoffer Andreas (1809-1862)
Jenssen, Laura (1895-1992)
Jenssen, Lyder Amadeus (1903-1972)
Jenssen, Magnhild (1889-1982)
Jenssen, Martin (1896-....)
Jenssen, Martin Edevard (1867-....)
Jenssen, Martinus Edvart (1837-1919)
Jenssen, Morten Beier (1821-....)
Jenssen, Nils Bertinus (1876-1898)
Jenssen, Nils Henning (1832-1852)
Jenssen, Nina (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Odd Helge (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Olaus Berg (1903-1984)
Jenssen, Peder Andreas (1850-1916)
Jenssen, Peder Martin (1879-1962)
Jenssen, Per
Jenssen, Per Martinus (1812-1843)
Jenssen, Peter Andreas Leonard (1871-1901)
Jenssen, Peter Kristian (1873-1933)
Jenssen, Ragnhild (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Robert Andre (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Ruth
Jenssen, Sofie Johanne (xxxx-xxxx)
Jenssen, Søren Hammond (1831-1831)
Jenssen, Steffen Beier (1828-1909)
Jenssen, Svein Aksel (xxxx-....)
Jenssen, Torberg Hammer (1847-1937)
Jenssen, Torstein Gullik (xxxx-xxxx)
Jensson, Erik (1510-1580) - Ancestor No: 24734
Jensson, Ketil (1500-1566)
Jensson, Laurits (1510-....)
Jensson, Olov (1490-1539)
Jentoft, Aksel (1897-1989)
Jentoft, Anna Hansdatter (1679-1755)
Jentoft, Anna Hartvigsdatter (1744-1818)
Jentoft, Anne Lucie Olsdatter (1782-1860)
Jentoft, Anny Elvine (1887-1968)
Jentoft, Anton Kristian Falch (1856-1917)
Jentoft, Arent Hartvigsen (1749-....)
Jentoft, Birgitte Sofie Hartvigsdatter (1753-1827)
Jentoft, Christen Hartvigsen (1742-....)
Jentoft, Elisabeth Kristine Mogensdatter (1783-1871)
Jentoft, Elisabeth Mogensdatter (1712-1795)
Jentoft, Erik Inge (xxxx-....)
Jentoft, Hans ?
Jentoft, Hans Hansen (1641-1718)
Jentoft, Hans Mogensen (1705-1769)
Jentoft, Hartvig Hartvigsen (1755-1802)
Jentoft, Hartvig Mogensen (1777-1839)
Jentoft, Hartvig Mogensen (1704-1784)
Jentoft, Ingeborg Maria Blix (1779-1818)
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