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The family consist of 33000 persons in 10349 family groups and 1017 Ancestors to Asle Einar Hansen

Previous names
Alfred Ingebrigtsen (1886-1956)
Alfred Johansen (1888-....)
Alfred Johansen (1905-1973)
Alfred Klein
Alfred Meyer
Alfred Olsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Alfred Olsen
Alfred Olsen (1890-1985)
Alfred Pettersen (1902-1972)
Alfred Rishaug (1898-1964)
Alfred Teigen (1906-....)
Alfred Thorsen (xxxx-....)
Alfred Vangen (xxxx-....)
Alfred Wilhelmsen (1885-1972)
Alfred Amandus Nikolaisen (1902-1969)
Alfred Andreas Johansen (1892-1974)
Alfred Andreas Nilssen (1885-1967)
Alfred Berg Ellingsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Alfred Bernhard Hansen (1879-....)
Alfred Bernhard Nilsen (xxxx-....)
Alfred Bertinius Olaus Abelsen (1905-....)
Alfred Christoffer Brun (1865-1865)
Alfred Dag Johnsen (xxxx-....)
Alfred Daniel Andreassen (1887-1916)
Alfred Edmund Larsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Alfred Elias Schønning Johnsen (1897-1989)
Alfred Eliseus Lind Pedersen (1893-....)
Alfred Ferdinan Helland (1910-....)
Alfred Gustav Koldevin Lauritzen (1898-1878)
Alfred Herman Pedersen (1894-1899)
Alfred Ingvald Jonsen (1892-....)
Alfred Ivar Eriksen (1894-....)
Alfred Jakob Remme (xxxx-xxxx)
Alfred Jentoft Nikolaisen (1881-....)
Alfred Johan Sakariassen (1897-1980)
Alfred Johan Pareli Pettersen (1899-....)
Alfred Julian Antonsen (1907-1977)
Alfred Julius Kristiansen (1884-1979)
Alfred Julius Solbjørg (1886-....)
Alfred Julius Yttervik (1896-....)
Alfred Julius Morten Nilsen (1888-1888)
Alfred Konrad Knudsen (1878-....)
Alfred Kristian Ellingsen (1884-1887)
Alfred Kristian Martinussen (1879-1943)
Alfred Kristian Lind Anthonsen (1880-....)
Alfred Lorents Pedersen (1895-....)
Alfred Marius Kristiansen (1888-1894)
Alfred Marius Mortensen (1909-1984)
Alfred Marius Nilsen (1888-1933)
Alfred Martin Madsen (1888-1962)
Alfred Martin Olufsen (1885-1968)
Alfred Martin Koldevin Pedersen (xxxx-....)
Alfred Nikolai Moen (1889-1974)
Alfred Nordal Larsen (1872-1926)
Alfred Olai Wilhelmsen (1867-1954)
Alfred Olai Berg Hansen (1892-1941)
Alfred Peder Bentsen (1897-1972)
Alfred Randor Sørensen (1898-....)
Alfred Samuel Jensen (xxxx-xxxx)
Alfred Schønning Johansen (1903-....)
Alfred Sigurd Nikolai Hansen (1897-....)
Alfred Sigvard Lauritssen (1887-1956)
Alfred Simon Andreassen (xxxx-xxxx)
Alfred Sjønning Andersen (xxxx-....)
Alfred Venius Johansen (1880-1945)
Alfred Vilhelm Andreassen (1898-1971)
Alfred William Knutsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Alfred With Schønning Kristoffersen (1891-1971)
Alfreda Robinson (xxxx-....)
Alfreda Cabahug Agosto
Alfreda Cabahug Agosto
Alfredo Taglokok (xxxx-....)
Alfreida Marie Kristiansen (1894-1894)
Alfrid Agnes Lauritsen (xxxx-....)
Alfrid Kristine Benum (1909-1963)
Alfrid Lenarda Mikalsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Alfrid Nikoline Kristine Skipnes (xxxx-....)
Alfrid Othelia Markussen (xxxx-....)
Alfrida Mathiasdatter (1899-....)
Alfrida Bertine Andersen (1894-....)
Alfrida Johanna Torbjørnsen (1902-....)
Alfrida Kristine Baade (1907-....)
Alf-Steinar Johansen (xxxx-....)
Alfy Agnete Hansen (1909-1909)
Algaat Martin Jæger Mikalsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Algeir Rodahl (xxxx-....)
Algeir Petter Ellingsen (xxxx-....)
Algita Raugaite (xxxx-....)
Alhed Jacobsdatter Falch (1595-1648)
Alhed Mortensdatter Blix (1680-1759)
Alhet Johansdatter Omsen (1688-1692)
Alice (xxxx-....)
Alice Hansen
Alice Haughom
Alice Nilsen (xxxx-....)
Alice Alexandra Sannes (xxxx-....)
Alice Dorthea Ellingsen (xxxx-xxxx)
Alice Ramberg Eriksen (xxxx-....)
Alida Nikolaisen (1903-....)
Alida Bertine Olsdatter (1887-....)
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